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196 Centreway Road, Orewa, Auckland

Photographic Restoration

Do you have an old photograph that has huge sentimental value, but isn't in the best condition? Maybe you'd like it enlarged and have it reprinted!  We can give your old photographs a new lease of life and restore them to their former glory.

Because each photograph restoration project is different, we individually assess each picture as to whether it can be restored and estimate how long it will take.  All restoration projects are completed at an hourly rate of $86.96 +GST.

If you have a photograph you'd like restored, please complete the contact form here, or give Paul a call on 09 391 4444.

Here's an example of a picture brought to us by a client of her childhood home.  Despite having a large tear we were able to fully restore the photograph and colourise it.  It now hangs on a large canvas in her living room.

Visual Voice Photography Orewa Auckland Photo Restoration Original
Visual Voice Photography Orewa Auckland Photo Restoration Modified

Artwork Reproduction

We can photograph any existing piece of artwork and provide you with high resolution colour correct digital files ready for reproduction.  We charge $86.96 +GST per image for this service.