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New-born Studio Photography Timelapse image

New-born Studio Photography Timelapse

New-born photography session are dictated by the baby’s own schedule and they will simply not be rushed. Luckily, we have the very talented baby whisper, Kerry Howard on hand to calm and sooth the star of the show in between shots. This session took over 4 hours to complete which seems a long time but why we only ever book one new-born session a day. The best time for a new-born photography session is when baby is between 7-14 days, but don't wait until after the birth to book yours. We can be flexible with our bookings to work around your baby's arrival.

Printing On Aluminium Sheets image

Printing On Aluminium Sheets

Paper or Canvas have been the two options for printing for quite some time. Not, anymore! Take a look at this aluminium print I've just had deliverd to the studio.

The Right Props Make All The Difference image

The Right Props Make All The Difference

Whether we are photographing adults, children or families we always have a conversation about the props we'll use in our photographs.  Props are great for helping to give you something to do with your hands, but also go a long way to communicating who you are and what you like to do.  They add to a significant part of the story being told by the photograph and tells the viewer something about you that would not otherwise have known.  When selecting props to be used for your portrait, consideration must be given to what you're wearing and the location of the shoot to ensure the props are not out of context with the rest of the photograph.  For little kids, you can almost universally use balloons and teddy bears, however for older kids who have developed their own hobbies you might be using a musical instrument or a piece of sporting equipment.  For adults, the prop could still be hobby related but more often than not we find an extra piece of clothing like a hat, walking cane or gloves add that little bit extra.

A Photographer Can Only Do So Much image

A Photographer Can Only Do So Much

As a professional photographer, it’s my job to represent the subject of my photography in the best possible way, and that will be different for each client.  The difference between clients who have a vision for their photographs, compared to those who simply turn up and expect me to do magic is poles apart.  When you work with your photographer towards a common goal the results are always so much better.  The best photographs don’t just happen, they take some thought and production.

SUPSHED Spring Series 2017 Slide Show image

SUPSHED Spring Series 2017 Slide Show

Whether it's a sporting event, wedding, birthday party or corporate event an animated slide show is a creative way to show off your photographs.  When done properly they take the traditional slide show to the next level by dynamically changing the slide show time to key moments or to the beat of the music.

Photography Workshops image

Photography Workshops

With summer around the corner we will be spending a lot of time outdoors and taking a lot of pictures.  With the harsh New Zealand sun it's all too easy to get the incorrect exposure with your camera resulting in poor images of some of the best days with your family and friends.  With a bit of knowledge about how a camera works, this can be completely avoided.

Don't Compare Photographers on Price Alone image

Don't Compare Photographers on Price Alone

When you’re looking for a new car, TV or something equally as expensive, you take your time to look at all the benefits, features and price before making a purchasing decision; yet the majority of people looking for a professional photography base their comparisons purely on price alone.  Just like cars and TV’s, when looking for a photographer, for whatever occasion, there’s a lot more to be compared other than price.

Summer Shooting Tips image

Summer Shooting Tips

With summer just around the corner we’ll be increasing the amount of time we spend outside along with the number of photographs we take. It doesn’t matter whether you shoot with a DSLR, point ‘n shoot or the camera on your phone, here are some tips that will help you get better photographs this summer:

Air Born image

Air Born

I'd been looking forward to this shoot for quite some time, probably as Jess had told me about the awesome wings she was having made.  Jess is the author of Air Born, her first book in the Generation Icarus series which launched on 23 Sep 17.