It's my guess that there's more people out there that don't like to be photographed than those that do.  In a world where we're consistently exposed to great looking people with perfect bodies, stylish clothes and a Hollywood lifestyle; most of us just can't compete, so why even try?

As a photographer I hear all sorts of reasons every day as why someone doesn't want their photograph taken and none of them stack up.

Here's some of the most common reasons.  How many can you relate to?

I'm too fat and I need to lose some weight before I'm photographed!

I can relate to this one myself. The truth is, that if you've been overweight for some time, you're unlikely to lose any significant weight in the near future.  Whilst you're waiting to lose weight, your family is changing.  Children are growing up, moving away.  Grandparents are passing away and your kids are having their own kids.  Your family love you for who you are and will not love you any more if you lose weight.  Nobody is guaranteed a tomorrow so don't rob your family of a family portrait today.  As a professional photographer I will help you to be the very best version of your current self by helping you pick the most flattering clothes for your body shape and posing you in a way that shaves off pounds.  Of course there are limits to this magic and I won't make you unrecognisable and be to be something you're not, but I am confident that you will like the photographs of yourself.

I've got nothing to wear!

Wearing the right clothes for your body shape with colours that compliment your skin undertones is an important factor when being photographed.  If you're really struggling with your wardrobe let us help.  In a Trinny and Suzzana approach, our colour and clothing stylist, Janine is only to happy to go through your wardrobe with you, or even go shopping for that killer outfit.  After a session with Janine you'll have a life skill that you'll use every day, in that you'll know for certain what looks good on you and why, what to buy and what to avoid.

Professional photography is too expensive!

When there is so much demand for your hard earned money it's difficult to prioritise a portrait photography session over new school shoes or paying the electricity bill.  There's no doubt, that a professional photography session is a luxury for some people and well out of the budget for others.  I don't feel this is the forum to justify the costs of a professional photographer, let's just agree that they have significant overheads and need to make a living just like you.  If cost is an issue that is preventing you from having a portrait session, them please get in touch as I'm sure we can work something out, either with an interest free finance option or a lay away scheme.

I just don't have the time!

Balancing a full time job along with the family needs leaves many of us time poor.  A professional portrait session is an opportunity for your family to spend some quality time together without the distraction of devices or many of the other distractions in our everyday lives.  It's a time to rejuvenate our bonds and have some good old fashion fun.  A portrait session is going to take 2-3 hours, maybe a little shorter.  Whilst I can't change that, I can offer these sessions on a day and time that suits you and your family.  Furthermore, you don't have to come to the studio, we can bring the studio to you.  Whilst most homes are not great for family portraits, and outdoor session at the beach or the park can be just as much fun. After your photography session, why not take the family out for dinner as you'll be looking fantastic.

I can't persuade my husband to come!

I don't think I have ever heard a husband or father tell his family he's booked them in for a portrait session.  That's not to say that it doesn't happen, but in my experience, it's always the wife or mother that makes the arrangements.  If you need to persuade your husband to come to Visual Voice for a family portrait session, here's a few things that might help:

  1. We have an espresso machine that makes awesome coffee.
  2. Want something a bit stronger, then we have Deep Creek chilled beer and on tap.....and it's FREE.
  3. He can relax in our lounge and watch sports or movies whilst you're having your makeup done.
  4. If he doesn't want to watch TV, maybe he can try to beat the high score on our pinball machine.

Did I miss the reason that's stopping you?  I love to hear what it is.



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