Long exposure portraits is one of my favorite techniques as you're never really sure of what the final photograph is going to look like until you see it on the screen.

As a professional photographer, I'm always looking for compositions that the average person would find difficult to achieve with their mobile phone, and this is certainly one of them. 

The setup is relatively simple and the rewards can be spectacular, however it can take a number of tries before you get that one magical shot.

We have a 44" 4k monitor in the studio which allows our clients to see the images appear as soon as they come off the camera.  The Ooohs and Aaahs I hear over my shoulder from parents as they see images of their child appear on the screen gives me great re-assurance that I'm hitting the mark.

This technique works great with dancers wearing long shear dresses, but also works well with any strong movement such as sports.  As it's shot against a black background, to get enough contrast, the client should wear light coloured vibrant clothes.

I've got a number of clients booked who are asking for this type of portrait for their kids and I can't wait to share the results with you on my Facebook page.


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