Having other talented artists in the studio is always a real treat, but when a pair of twin sisters who love ballet come in, things don't get any better.

We didn't have an agenda other than to have fun and try and capture some great images. 

The girls did some warm up stretches whilst the studio lights were adjusted, and the girls were happy to listen to my 80's tunes which earned them so much kudos.  They even knew most of the songs!

Once the lights were ready, I asked the girls to show me what they could do.  I wanted to see how much time I had to photograph them, as well as the focal length I needed to use.

I set my camera to 1/1000sec, f8.0 and ISO 640, and pre-focus the lens on a particular distance from where I was shooting.  The studio lights were on high speed sync, so we could have gone to 1/8000 sec, but then I would have had to really push the ISO.

Timing is critical as the girls couldn't hold these poses for long at all.  They also needed to make sure that all the action was happening over the spot we had marked on the floor as this is where the camera was focused.

The girls switched over every 10-15 mins to make sure each was getting a fair turn in front of the camera.  It also gave them time to thing of different moves and poses for their next turn.

We did end the session trying to introduce some thrown flour into the shot.  Unfortunately we just couldn't get the timing right to make the images work and it was getting late into the evening. but it's definitely something I want to master in the near future.

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