In a world where everyone has a camera in their pocket, why do we still need professional photographers?

Everyone with a half decent camera must have at some point in their life had someone say to them "That's good camera, it must take great pictures !". I know for a fact this isn't true as I've taken some shocking photographs with a camera worth over $15,000.

Whilst the consumerisation of camera equipment has gone a long way to helping us take better pictures, technology is still a long way off being able to relax someone's nerves, compose a family portrait or even correctly expose a portrait at sunset.

The truth is, photography is as much about having good people skills as it is about having good camera skills. This is why we go to great lengths to get to know our clients as much as possible before we pick up a camera. Only once we've gained our clients trust do we start shooting.

A great portrait doesn't look contrived or posed, instead the people look natural and sincere. People at home generally don't have a problem getting this natural look as the people being photographed will often be very comfortable in the photographers presence. What we often see in this scenario is poor composition and lighting.

We endear photographs of our loved ones regardless of whether they are well lit or composed because we are emotionally attached to the subject, but these are snaps and rarely make it to a wall in the family home.

A professional photographer will take their time to bring out the true essence of the sitters personality and the connection with their family and friends, whilst making sure the lighting and composition are on the money.

Professional photography is a luxury for many families often left to weddings and new born sessions, each a major milestone in a families life. The reality is, every day in a major milestone and tomorrow is not guaranteed for anyone. Photographs are one of the main things that tie us to our past and give our children's children a sense of identity and belonging.

If you've not had a professional portrait of your family in the past 5 years, I encourage you to give me a call and discuss what we can do for you.



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