With summer just around the corner we’ll be increasing the amount of time we spend outside along with the number of photographs we take. It doesn’t matter whether you shoot with a DSLR, point ‘n shoot or the camera on your phone, here are some tips that will help you get better photographs this summer:

Get Down Low

Whether you’re photographing kids, adults or pets, do it from their eye level. Shooting down towards a smaller subject brings the floor closer and you lose any chance you had of having them stand out from the background. You also don’t get to capture their entire face and subsequently will miss a lot of the expression on their face.

Sun in The Eyes

Having your subject face into the sun will often result in them squinting, and we really need to see their eyes. If there’s no suitable shade, have the sun over the subject’s shoulder and use the flash to fill in the shadows on their face. Most cameras will do a reasonable job of setting the correct flash exposure, but it’s always good to know how to adjust to power output of the flash.

Keep the Background at A Distance

Turn your subject so that the background is as far away as possible. This creates a level of separation that helps the subject stand out in the picture.

Take Your Sunglasses Off

Great pictures of people and animals always have the eyes clearly visible and in focus. We read a lot into people emotions from looking at their eyes, so having them covered takes a large part of the message out of the picture. Peaked caps can also cast a dark shadow over the eyes, so it’s best to remove these too.